How to Deadlift With the Proper Form

6 Apr 2020

How to Deadlift With the Proper Form

The deadlift is a key exercise for not only building muscle, but also strengthening your posterior chain, and today I'll show you how to do it properly.

There are a few different ways to perform a proper deadlift, but the first and most important thing you need to do is make sure your form is perfect.

At 0:49 in the video above, you can see me first demonstrate the deadlift with dumbbells, which you can use if you don't have a barbell. First, start in the standing position and hold each dumbbell at your sides with your shoulders pressed back. Imagine you have plates stacked around your feet that rise from the floor up to your mid-calf area or a little higher. From there, sit back with your hips and squat down until the dumbbells reach a little below the top of your calves. After pausing for one second, stand back up. Remember to keep your head relaxed.
Starting out with dumbbells can help you create good posture for your deadlifts. If you start with a barbell and hold it in front of you, you run the risk of letting your whole upper back get pulled down during the lift. As you increase weight, that motion can have an adverse effect on your spine.
At 2:15 in the video, I move onto deadlifting with a barbell. The barbell should be close to your shins as you start the lift. You can also add plates or two small boxes underneath the barbell if you want to start the lift from a higher position. To start, grab the barbell with each hand lined up just outside of your calves. As with using dumbbells, keep your shoulders pressed back and your head relaxed. From there, drive up with your legs. Once the barbell reaches your knees, drive up with your back. After a standing pause, squat back down.
There are variations of the deadlift that target different body parts, but generally speaking, it will strengthen your whole posterior chain. In terms of getting the best bang for your buck, it's one of the best exercises you can do.
If you have any questions about the deadlift or you'd like to know more about Icon Gym and how we can help you get fit and stay fit, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'd love to speak with you.